Terms and Conditions

UPDATE: RE – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the current environmental and economic factors regarding the impact of the COVID-19 disease currently affecting most of the world, iPPY must make clear that any delays outside of our control due to this are not eligible for a refund. Along with our suppliers and couriers, we are endeavouring to (wherever possible) keep to agreed delivery timescales and to continue to deliver however due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, some additional delays may be unavoidable. This could be stock being imported and due into our or our suppliers warehouses’ or end point delivery to our customers. If this does happen, wherever reasonably possible, iPPY will attempt to notify our customers as early as possible.
If the courier/iPPY’s supplier network does break down/close or temporarily pause all deliveries and iPPY are unable to deliver your item to you at this current time as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic, iPPY will pause your payment plan until such time where it is possible to deliver your item. iPPY will then take a regular payment to restart your payment plan before delivering the item to yourself.
These are unprecedented times and therefore iPPY is taking unprecedented steps in order to help our customers as much as possible.

iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY is registered in England and Wales. Company Number 11070126. Retail Address: iPPY, Unit C1 Weaste Trading Estate, Weaste Lane, M5 5HD. Credit is provided by iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY. Credit is provided subject to age and status.

Please Note The Minimum Order Value for Interest Free Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Instalments is £150.00 – If your order is under this value, then your order will not be accepted for the instalment payment option by the finance team. You are able to take out multiple items at the same time to meet the minimum order value.

Credit Search

As of 28/01/19, iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY does not perform a Credit Check on applications.

How To Cancel

Any order cancellation requests MUST be sent through to Cancel@iiPPY.co.uk – This is the only method to cancel your order. You cannot cancel your order via any other means including over the phone, live chat or inbox.

100% Acceptance Rate

As of 28/01/19, iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY will have a 100% acceptance rate, subject to the following Terms & Conditions,

  • Minimum age of 18 Years old.
  • UK Bank account with Debit Card in applicant’s name which income is paid into.
  • Can demonstrate (through affordability check) that applicants have expendable income to support re-payments.
  • Relevant ID to support application – This includes bank statements which demonstrate income coming in as per affordability check conducted as part of the application and repayments from iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY . Also relevant Photo ID is required (Valid UK Driving License or Passport). If no photo ID is available, a birth certificate and utility bill from address where item is being delivered can be accepted.
  • Although we do cover Mainland UK (Excl. Ireland and & Outlying Islands), our 100% Acceptance criteria is based on a 95 mile radius of M5 5HD. This is due to geographical restrictions affecting delivery in certain areas.
  • You cannot be under influence of drugs or alcohol at the point of completing the application, and must understand the contract you are agreeing to as by completing the application, you are entering into a legally binding contract.


Information To Supply On Applications

No applications will be authorised for persons under the age of 18. The following information will be required to process an application.

Full name and address, date of birth and income. Applicants must confirm that agreeing to the purchase agreement, that there will be no reason why there should be any missed payments or any change in their financial situation within the next 3 months.

Continuous Payment Authority

Orders will only be placed on the agreement that the customers give iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY continuous payment authority. The card details that were given and card details that were used to make the initial deposit payment will be stored within our systems and used to clear down monies owed. iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY DOES NOT accept payment by bank transfer, cash or cheque.

Change of Address

To change the delivery address, iPPY must be notified by telephone 7 days before the delivery due date to ensure that the item is delivered to the correct address. If iPPY is notified less than 7 days to the due delivery date as per the purchase agreement, an additional delivery charge may apply. You will also need to provide proof of address for the new delivery address.

Automatic Payments

When the card is attempted to be charged between 1am and 5:30am and the payment fails to clear, iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY will make a second attempt to charge the card on the due date. If the second attempt to charge the card fails then the bank card could be charged daily until the payment goes through which might result in one or more payments being debited from the bank card to take account of the arrears on the account. We will always endeavour to notify our customer of a declined payment through email/text/call on the contact details initially provided.

Items that have not been delivered and no automatic payments have been made will result in the delivery date being extended by at least (but not limited to) an additional week, fortnight, 4 weeks or month depending on the payment frequency selected as for any order we require at least one recent payment to have gone through automatically.

All payments that are due prior to delivery must be up to date or the item will not be delivered. If no automatic payments are made, or can be made, delivery will be delayed until the payment plan has been completed. If the card details are changed prior to delivery, iPPY do retain the right to delay delivery as part of our fraud prevention measures.

By purchasing through iPPY, you accept that iPPY has the right to use information and data collected from yourself as and when required, for example to present a defence case in the situation of a charge back made from a customer’s bank. This includes but is not limited to the signed purchase agreement, drivers licence/passport, bank statements, photograph of item inside of property, call and video recordings, body camera footage and any other information/ documentation that we hold that we deem suitable to use.

Documents to Provide For Inspection on Delivery

Please note that if the following documents are not provided on delivery then the item will not be left with the customer. Proof of I.D of I.D check on delivery. Driver Licence or Passport. Other forms of I.D might be accepted. In some instances, where it is not possible to take a copy of these at the door, we may request these prior to the item being delivered.

Bank statement for proof of income. Other forms of I.D might be accepted.

Please note – We are unable to release any goods for delivery if your account is in arrears with any payments. Any missed or partial payments will need to be caught up before any delivery can be made. This does mean that the delivery date as per your purchase agreement can be changed if any payments have not been caught up on.


It is strongly recommended that all customers check their delivery item for damage. Once the item has been signed and the item has been left with the customer there can not be any claim for damage brought forward. Any form of damage must be brought to our attention at the point of delivery only. iPPY will only deliver an item if the person whom placed the order is present at the property.

Items are delivered the week after X amount working days from the date of the first repayment. The amount of working days does depend on the items value. The delivery date will be confirmed before the delivery. The “repayment” is the payment made after the initial manual deposit payment made over the telephone, the repayment will be set to come out of your account automatically. iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY do charge a delivery fee on all items offered. The amount in which we charge for the delivery will vary depending on the type, size and weight of the item. You will be advised on the costs of the delivery prior to placing your order and cost can be found on our website. In some very rare instances outside of our control, your specified delivery date could change. By Purchasing through iPPY, you accept that this is a possibility.

Cooling Off Period

Any customer has 7 days from when the original order is placed to cancel the order and receive a full refund of any monies paid so far. After 7 days and between 14 days, you can cancel the order and receive a refund however it will be minus the delivery fee. The delivery fee is based on having the item collected and delivered into the depot at iPPY and not necessarily based on delivering the item to the customers property. After 14 days from when the order is placed, if you do decide to cancel you will not receive any refund. If you change your order, these terms will apply from when the original order is placed.

Item Out of Stock/Discontinued

If in the very rare instance where the original item ordered is out of stock or has been discontinued, iPPY will offer a suitable alternative as deemed so by iPPY. This may be from a different manufacturer however wherever possible, iPPY will endeavour to match the original manufacturer, and the features of the product originally offered. If this does happen, this does not indicate that the contract has been broken by either party as a suitable alternative will be offered. This is due to the fact that iPPY does not necessarily hold stock of every item that it sells as iPPY works with a wide range of third-party distributors who will deliver to iPPY’s customers on their behalf.

Retention of title clause

The ownership of all goods sold will remain with iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY until full payment for the goods has been received. The buyer agrees to allow the seller access to the buyer’s premises to collect the goods.  Goods will be collected and sold to repay the outstanding amount on the invoice should the buyer’s account fall into arrears of more than 21 days. Should the amount in money received from the sales on the goods exceed the amount of arrears, then the difference will be returned to the buyer within 14 days. Where the sale of the goods does not cover the amount of arrears on the customer’s account then the customer will remain liable for the arrears on the account.

Order Cancellation

In the unlikely event you do decide to cancel your order, any cancellation requests MUST be sent through to Cancel@iiPPY.co.uk – This is the only method to cancel your order. You cannot cancel your order via any other means including over the phone, live chat or inbox. Please see the above cooling off period for more details.

Warranty Entitlement

It is recommended that all customers have contents insurance for their property as the items purchased from iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY DO NOT come with any form of damage insurance cover.

All items sold will come with a manufactures or distributors warranty. The length of time the warranty is valid for will change with different manufactures and distributors and depending on whether the item is new, graded or refurbished. It is recommended to read and familiarise yourself with each item warranty as you might be required to register your item to validate your warranty. iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY does not directly supply any form of warranty on goods sold. It is agreed that repayments will not be withheld or paid short for items that develop a fault.

The purchase agreement for the item of service provided from iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY comes with out fees or charges. This means that if you were to pay the balance in one full payment or spread the costs up to 12 weeks, making to up 12 payments you would be charged the same amount. iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY will not change purchase agreements in any situation to increase the length of time the payments are to be made or the number of payments to be made. Any outstanding arrears on a purchase agreement will be collected in the form of debt. It is agreed that by entering into the purchase agreement with iPPY that you accept to be contacted in person at home by an appointed agent from iPPY, via telephone (text), email and post in relation to missed payments between the hours of 8am and 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Returning your Item

1) iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY must be notified within 14 days of the customer receiving the item that they would like to return the item. The customer will be given a further 14 days from notifying iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY to return the item. The item must be returned to us unused, in its original undamaged packaging and in a saleable condition.

2) It is the customers responsibility to arrange suitable postage and packaging to return the item back to iPPY at the following address between the hours of 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Postal address: iPPY, Units C1 – C3 Weaste Trading Estate, Weaste Lane, M5 5HD. iPPY does not cover the cost of any returns.

Assignable Contract

iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY reserves the right the assign the purchase agreement for the item sold to another person or company. Any money owed to iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY will be transferred with the purchase agreement.

Impact on Credit Score

Not keeping up with your repayments might cause serious money problems. We reserve the right to share our customer payment records with credit referencing agencies which can have an effect on a credit score. Credit scores can be seriously impacted should non-payments progresses to a County Court Claim.

Brand New Items

Unless otherwise stated (such as Mobile phones which are grade A refurbished – this is a non exhaustive list), all of our items are brand new. On some occasion, items are opened by our warehousing team and inspected before being resealed and sent out. The items are still brand new and you understand by purchasing through iPPY that this could potentially happen to an item that you have ordered. This is not a valid reason for any item to be returned as the item is still brand new and therefore in the described condition.

Sofa Specific

The following additional charges will apply for any failed deliveries or returns:

1) Failed Deliveries – Any failed deliveries will add a further £120.00 fee. This is as the sofa’s are deliveries directly from the manufacture’s and this directly reflects their failed delivery and warehousing fees.

2) 30 Day distance selling regulations for returns – The cost of collection of the sofa will be charged at a flat rate of £150.00. This is non-negotiable and will be taken out of any refund or added on if exchanging/swapping the item. If the item is not in a brand new condition as it was delivered, we reserve a right to deduct further amounts up to 100% of the value of the goods. For example if it is soiled/dirty/damaged and we’ve sold it for £900 and it’s now only worth £100, you’d only get £100 back. This is the requirement directly from the manufacturer and our hands are tied on this, once again making it non-negotiable.

3) By purchasing through iPPY, you accept that you have checked that the sofa will fit into the desired room, through your hallways/doorways etc. Returns on these grounds will be liable to a restocking fee, failed delivery fee and warehousing fee as all of our sofas are made to order. This fee is model dependant but will be no more than £300.00. Any eligible refund will be less this fee. All of our sofas are quality checked and sealed prior to delivery. If you decide to take the packaging off for any reason prior to accepting the item, you are accepting all liability for the sofa and you will not have the option to return the sofa. All of our items (and the sofas are no exception) are only eligible to be returned if they are unopened, unused and in the original packaging.

4) If you have purchased your iPPY Sofa across 3 separate purchases, (and therefore across 3 different purchase agreements)  if a payment is missed prior to your original delivery date and that payment isn’t caught up on in 24 hours, then delivery of your corner sofa will be delayed until the next purchase agreement has been paid off in full. This could mean a delay of up to, but not limited to 12 weeks if the payment isn’t caught up on in 24 hours.

Bank Holidays

Any payments scheduled for Bank Holidays will be taken the nearest working day before. Should you have any questions about this or want this confirmed, please feel free to give us a call.

Card Authorization Process

All first time customers will be required to undergo a card authorisation process, where the customers card will be charged 30p. This is part of the companies fraud prevention measures. Our systems will catch common fraud patterns such as card testing or trial abuse by evaluating payments holistically rather than in isolation. We surface previous related payments processed that match certain attributes like email address, IP address, or card number. The 30p charged to the customers card will be refunded back to the same card within 24 hours or the next following working day.   The 30p charged to the customers card does not form part of an invoice purchase agreement. This payment could be made over the phone with one of our client managers or online at the checkout stage.

Complaints Procedure

In the event that we fail in meeting our high standards of customer service and you wish to make a formal complaint, this must be made in writing to the following:


FAO: The Director

iiPPY Limited t/a iPPY

Unit C1 Weaste Trading Estate

Weaste Lane


M5 5HD

Data Protection Act

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).