iiPPY Selling Terms and Service Agreement

iiPPY selling is a brand-new way to sell your goods where we do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. After you have submitted the above form, this will then get passed over to our expert team who will give you a call to set up your item for sale. They may require some additional details or photos from you so we can work to get you the best price possible for your items.

To ensure as easy and quick process as possible, please submit as many pictures as possible and take close ups of any serial numbers and or barcodes so we can ensure your items are labelled for sale correctly. If there any defects/imperfections or general anomalies to the ‘showroom’ condition of your item, these will need to he highlighted in the images provided, as if these are found on inspection of your goods in our warehouse, this will lead to delays to your item being sold or your item being refused for sale at all and you as the seller will still be liable for the full costs of iiPPY’s services. At this point you will also have the option of submitting a video which you can use to talk through the product in more detail.

Unless stated in the “Tell us about the condition of your item or anything else of relevance:” field, iiPPY will assume all items are in perfect condition and full working order. If this isn’t the case upon iiPPY physicals inspection of the goods, iiPPY reserves the right to refuse to sell the goods on and still charge the seller for the services offered as the seller has not declared these.

Once we have confirmed all the details for your listing, we will then take your card details. This is so we can pay you for the goods when they sell as well as take the fee for our services if required. The payment on collection will be via bank transfer within 24 hours of collection of your item. This will not be 50% of the value you are looking to achieve.  It will instead be 50% of our independent valuation. When your item then sells, you will of course then be paid the remaining balance.

Here at iiPPY selling, we don’t charge a percentage instead working on a fixed price basis, ensuring you get the most money possible. This starts at £19.99 and will be confirmed when we speak to you when we are confirming the details of your listing. This is a flat fee and covers collection from yourself, storage in our secure warehouse, and the process of selling the item itself. This will be confirmed to you prior to your item being accepted for sale and if you aren’t happy with the fixed fee charged, you can choose to walk away and not sell through iiPPY.

When you are completing the form, it will ask you for the Minimum price you are looking to achieve for the item. This is what we will basing the items value at for at least 10 days and the minimum price you will achieve through selling your item through iiPPY, if it is sold within the 10-day period. Our fixed fee will be added on top of this so if your item does sell within the 10-day window, you will achieve at least the full minimum price you inputted on that form.

If after 10 days your item doesn’t sell, your item will be sold at our experts’ valuation. This will be based on several factors including the items brand new market value, the condition of your item and the availability of your item on the resale market. This may be below the minimum value you said you were looking to achieve for your item however we would have done all we can for the first 10 days to achieve that value. This will still be what we perceive to be a fair valuation of what we believe the item to be worth and you will receive this back. This value will be charged for a further 5 days. Again, our fixed fee will be charged on top of this valuation to the buyer so you will still get the fairest price possible.

If after this further 5 days, your item still does not sell, it will be put then be up for Public Auction. The auction will be starting at £1 and run for a further 5 days. Once the auction is complete, we will have a figure for what your item has sold for. Our fixed fee will then be taken away from the completed auction sale price as well as any associated fees with the remaining balance being transferred to yourself.

To ensure buyer protection iiPPY will pay out for the sale of the goods to the buyer 14 days after the seller has received the item. This will ensure there are no issues with the goods that the seller has asked iiPPY to sell.

If after the first 10 day period your goods do not sell and you do not wish for your goods to be sold at iiPPY’s expert valuation or after 20 days and you do not wish your goods to be sold at auction, you can arrange for the sale/auction to be stopped. This will however mean that you (as the seller) will be liable for paying iiPPY’s fixed fee as iiPPY will have already spent time and effort in attempting to sell your item. Your item will then be available to collect (once the fee has been paid) from our warehouse (Unit C1-C3 Weaste Trading Estate, Weaste Lane, Salford, M5 5HW). If you wish for your goods to be re-delivered back to yourself, this will be an additional delivery fee, which will again have to be paid in full prior to delivery back to yourself to be arranged. This ensures that iiPPY is rewarded for the services offered, even if you as the seller choose to walk away from the option of having your goods sold.

Complaints Procedure

In the event that we fail in meeting our high standards of customer service and you wish to make a formal complaint, this must be made in writing to the following:


FAO: The Director


Unit C1 Weaste Trading Estate

Weaste Lane


M5 5HD

Data Protection Act

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).

Full iiPPY Company Terms and Conditions HERE